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Acrylic Mounted Photo Prints by OPENPHOTO-STUDIO.COM


For a contemporary clean look Acrylic Mounted Prints create a impactful Wall Art statement in any interior space. With the print fully encapsulated the Acrylic Wall Art can be displayed in interior areas with humidity, such as Bathrooms and Kitchens (use metal prints for outside and high humidity situations). 

Choose between a Gloss or Metallic Photo Print which is clear bonded behind a 2mm, 4mm or 6mm gloss acrylic face panel and a 3mm DiBond backing sheet.  The 2mm acrylic face panel is also available in a Satin Non-Glare finish if required.

Acrylic Mounted Prints come ready to hang with the appropriate fixings to suit the size of panel. In addition, Tray Frames are also available to crate a sophisticated edge detail to any acrylic print. 

A prime consideration for us is what canvas type is used in the printing of a photograph. Every finish creates a different outcome in the printing process, an identical image can look very different across the acrylic type select from the Studio Shop.  Please note that the canvas selection can change from time to time with stock availability, change in manufacture or supplier.   For any help or advice please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Acrylic Photo Prints Tray Frame

Tray Frames for Acrylic Mounted Prints

For an edge detail with a modern sophisticated look, add a Tray Frame to your Acrylic Mounted Print.


AT1 Frames have a 10mm x 40mm profile.

With a 5mm Shadow Gap between frame & print.


Available in Six colours & finishes.

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