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"Vintners Velo"


June 2023, I joined the Vintners Velo Cycle Team on their NC500 charity ride of Scotland.  My aim was to not only photographically record the event, but also to capture the amazing variety of landscapes along the 500 mile route.  Seeing the cyclist “in the landscape” I felt was important to give one a sense of distance, scale and grandeur of the bonny country of Scotland. However, you will also find plenty of shots without a cyclist in sight! Some of these taken while traveling the same NC500 route in 2021.


I had been thinking about those “Heroic” Edwardian Adventures and Explorers, and how they were depicted in early photographs, this was a style I wanted to try and create in portraits of our four cyclists.   In addition, there was always going to be plenty of behind the scenes photos, candid shots of all that were involved.  Finally, there are moments when I went “ off-piste”, moved away from the cycling and went were my eye took me.


So with the above in mind, I have broken down the overall NC500 Vintners Velo Collection of photographs into four sub-collection sets, each with their individual themes:-



Please explore our journey in each of the collections, which I hope you will enjoy!


Just click on the Explore button for more details and product information about the Photograph.

Photographs from this collection are only available on request as “Bespoke Service”, for

Fine Art and Photo Prints, framed or unframed. Photography created as beautiful

pieces of Wall Art for you to invest and enjoy, exclusively from OPENPHOTO-STUDIO.


The Vintners Velo - NC500 "Portrait" Collection

Vintners Velo NC500 Cycle Team


The Vintners Velo - NC500 "In the Landscape" Collection

Cycling through the Scottish Landscape


The Vintners Velo - NC500 "Behind the Scenes" Collection

The Vintners Velo Cycle Team at the Midge Bite Cafe


The Vintners Velo - NC500 "Off-Piste" Collection

Wild Cotton Grass on the Wind

For more information about  Vintners Velo Cycling please visit:

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