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Dolerite Landscape Photography

Dolerite Landscape

by Mike Rossi


The journey to the Fraserburg escarpment took me up through Theekloof Pass, which cuts through the Nuweveld Mountains – leaving behind the vast expanses of the Karoo veld.


Gradually ascending, winding roads, skilfully crafted through dolerite volcanic rock. African Willows and Bushmanland Reed grass climb along with me. Forty-five minutes later, I was at the summit of the escarpment. A Taffelburg koppie and a Spitskoppie are the first to be seen in the distance on the edge of the plateau.


Big black Nimbus clouds were waiting — some so low they shrouded the dolerite landscape — a deathly eerie silence hung in the air. A lone wind pump stood still, surrounded by several protruding dolerite koppies.


A slight break in the black nimbus clouds and sunlight the colour of sun-dried autumn leaves came pouring through. These rocky outcrops glittered across the Northern Cape landscape like diamonds lying scattered on the Port Nolloth ocean floor. The wind pump lit up in the shadows of the dark arid countryside — it was 20000 BC. I imagined Homo Erectus, running, chasing, screaming, hunting an elephant with stone spears for Sunday lunch — enough to feed the whole village for months.


Part of the "Shadows Over Stones" Photographic Art Collection. Available as “Custom Finish & Bespoke” Fine Art and Photo Prints, framed or unframed. Photography created as beautiful pieces of Wall Art for you to invest and enjoy, from OPENPHOTO-STUDIO.

  • Specification Unframed Print

    Unframed - Black & White Print - ref: 00252-1

    Print Paper Type: Fine Art - Cotton 215gsm

    Image Size: 60cm x 22.5cm

    Print Boarder: 4cm White

    Overall Size: 68cm x 30.5cm

    Backing: 2mm White Card

  • Specification Framed Print

    Framed - Black & White Print - ref: 00252-2

    Print Paper Type: Fine Art - Cotton 215gsm

    Print Size: 60cm x 22.5cm

    Print Boarder: None

    Card Mount: Single White 5cm

    Frame Profile: 33mm x 30mm - S2 Charcoal

    Overall Size: 75cm x 37.5cm

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