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Wistman's Wood

by Chris Page

A fragment of Ancient Temperate Rainforest on the banks of the West Dart River, Dartmoor. It is a site of Special Scientific Interest and is a National Nature Reserve, being one of the highest Oakwoods in Britain at 1,350ft.


Wistman’s Wood had been on my photographic bucket list for sometime, but never seemed to be in the area to make a visit.  With yet another year passing me by I decided to make a dedicated trip in November 2023. 

The weather had not been good, rain and wind had been storming into the West Country for weeks on end, however the temperature had been mild and delaying the Autumn colours reaching their climax.  ...............

................. Read more in my Blog Post, link below. 

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Wistman's Wood 1


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Wistman's Wood 2


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Wistman's Wood 4


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Wistman's Wood 3


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Wistman's Wood 5


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