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"Lockdown" Collection 

During May 2020 and deep in the Coronavirus Lockdown; I took my daily walks though the empty streets and deserted beaches of the seaside town of Whitstable.  With cameras slung over my shoulder I was out to capture these strange days. However, I soon began to realised that many of these locations I had photographed before in much happier times.   


It then became a retrospective walk though my back catalogue of photos to find the places where I could contrast two very different moments and moods in time.  The Interaction of People from the back catalogue photos vibrantly stood out, compared to the emptiness of life in the Social Distancing of 2020. These shots then become my “Then&Now” collection of photographs. However, in writing this text nearly three years on I realise that “Now” is thankfully no longer “Now”, it has became another “Then”.   May Coronavirus stay that way, and never become a “Now” again.  

Discover our Photographic Art from the "Lockdown" Collection by Chris Page.

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Harbour Street in Lockdown


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Then & Now - Walkies 


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Whitstable Harbour in Lockdown


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Then & Now - Beach Embrace


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Car Park in Lockdown


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Then & Now - Happy Feet 


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Old Neptune in Lockdown


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Then & Now - Champagne & Oysters 


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Shopping in Lockdown


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Then & Now - Harbour Market 


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