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Wistmans Wood Photograph


Framed Editions

Ready to Hang

Photographic Wall Art printed on Fine Art Paper and framed with a Black Satin wooden frame.  The white card mount includes bevel edge cutouts and with the Photographers printed signature to the boarder.  Finished with an Acrylic Glass front and a full sealed backing to the rear of the frame.  Comes ready to hang with a metal bracket system and bumper corner pads.  

Deep Sea Diver framed photograph


Autumn Leaves Two

2023 Collection

Following “Autumn Leaves One” photographic collection taken during the lockdown of 2020, Mike Rossi has now released the “Autumn Leaves Two” collection.  This new vibrant collection is to be exhibited at the world famous Kirstenbosh National Botanical Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa, from December 2023.  Preview and Shop it Now!


Vintners Velo

NC500 Cycle Tour of Scotland

June 2023, I joined the Vintners Velo Cycle Team on their NC500 charity ride of Scotland.  My aim was to not only photographically record the event, but also to capture the amazing variety of landscapes along the 500 mile route. Seeing the cyclist “in the landscape” I felt was important to give one a sense of distance, scale and grandeur of the bonny country of Scotland. However, you will also find plenty of other shots in the four sub-collection sets without a cyclist in sight! 

NC500 Cycling Photographic Collection
Lighthouse Photographic Collection



The Story So Far

What is it about Lighthouses that touches us so differently from any other type of building? Is it the romantic sense of loneliness? But if that was so why do those that are not isolated still have a magic about them?  As an ongoing collection Chris Page has brought together his photographs of these amazing structure’s,  as a story so far.



A Tribute to the Spirits in our Lives

An intriguing collection of photographic art, created as a tribute to the much held belief by cultures all around the world that Spirits remain as part of our daily lives.  Beautifully crafted by Mike Rossi & Chris Page who bring the possibility of these scenarios visually into life!  

Ghost in Suburbia Photographic Collection
Lockdown Whitstable Photographic Collection



Whitstable Then & Now

During May 2020 and deep in the Coronavirus Lockdown Chris Page took daily walks though the empty streets and deserted beaches of the seaside town of Whitstable. With cameras slung over his shoulder he was out to capture these strange days. However, he soon began to realised that many of these locations he had photographed before in much happier times



What have the shack-dwellers of today inherited?  What inheritance do they leave for their children?

Photographed by Mike Rossi capturing the people and their environment in the Informal Settlement of South Africa.  An extensive and powerful collection of photographic art that provokes an emotional response from every beautifully crafted  image.   

South African Inheritance Photographic Collection

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