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Autumn Wrinkles Photographic Art

Autumn Wrinkles

by Mike Rossi


Like everyone else in South Africa, my Coronavirus lockdown arrived in the early part of autumn on the 26th March 2020, just as the leaves began their transient journey into foddering the mother tree.


Like anyone over the age of sixty was immediately put under quarantine. My other half banned me from driving and took away the car keys. Umph. A liberated jail, as some would say when you compare my lockdown with a real prison.


Others would say I was lucky, as over 80% of the world population in western countries live in a city. Yes, in that sense I am lucky. I am not bound in by 4 brick walls, forced to sing arias, tap-dance on a balcony to entertain myself, or my neighbours. My walls are trees, bushes, birds, putting out the nightly water bowl for the visiting variety frogs and toads; breathtaking views of mountains and valleys, darting Duiker’s and cheeky Mongoose who love to tease our dogs when a wall separates them.


Available as “Custom Finish & Bespoke” Fine Art and Photo Prints, framed or unframed. Photography created as beautiful pieces of Wall Art for you to invest and enjoy, exclusively from OPENPHOTO-STUDIO.

  • Specification Unframed Print

    Unframed - Colour Print - ref: 00060-1

    Print Paper Type: Fine Art - Cotton 215gsm

    Image Size: 20cm x 30cm

    Print Boarder: 5cm White

    Overall Size: 30cm x 40cm

    Backing: 2mm White Card

  • Specification Framed Print

    Framed - Colour Print - ref: 00060-2

    Print Paper Type: Fine Art - Cotton 215gsm

    Print Size: 20cm x 30cm

    Print Boarder: None

    Card Mount: Single White 4.5cm

    Frame Profile: 20mm x 34mm - S1 Carcoal

    Overall Size: 32.8cm x 42.8cm

  • Bespoke Sizes & Specification

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  • The Collection

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PriceFrom £129.50
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